What The Hay

Crafty Hayseed Goodness!

What The Hay March 22, 2007

Filed under: intro — clothespin @ 7:53 pm

I’m a farm kid from the mid-west.  Where I’m from, we grew hay, baled hay, made hay while the sun shines, went for romps in the hay, went for hay rides… We did a lot of things with hay.  Hay comes from a variety of plants – including alfalfa, sudan grass, coastal bermuda grass, and most commonly in my area, wheat straw hay.  It is used to feed livestock, provide bedding for livestock and chickens, mulch gardens, provide sitting surfaces and build houses.

What the Hay is about a small town farm kid living in the bigger noisier world.  I hope to post a few things about my affection for fabric and yarn, a few patterns that I have developed and not seen on line, a few recipes maybe and perhaps life in general.  Thanks for reading this!


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