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Pants Bag March 28, 2007

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Hubby and I are folks who like to garage sale. Why? Partly for fun, though I know it is difficult for some folks to understand that fun really can be had at 7 am on a Saturday morning. Partly because while not poor, we’re trying desperately to be less not rich. The other main reason is that much good stuff (and sometimes some fabulous stuff) can be had for pennies (back to the saving money part) and it’s not new. We like buying used – less impact on the environment and less obsessing over the details of which waffle iron is better. It’s freeing to see a skirt, like the skirt, the skirt fits and is only $1 – buy the skirt. No mall, no comparing to other equally fine skirts – less mental energy spent on silly things. More time to spend on silly things that are important (at least to me) like…



What to do with these? Hubby bought the pants for $1. They fit him in the waist, but were too short in the leg (we’re both rather tall, so this is nothing new). As you can see, these Old Navy pants are the zip off type that can convert into shorts at a moments notice. Truely, a very useful thing while hiking and equally great to convert too short pants into just great for the weekend shorts. So, not being me, hubby threw the pants legs into the garbage thinking they had no use. Silly man!

Behold the creation:

pants bag

Can you see the legs? The bottom hem (and the snaps that are on it) are on the top of the bag and the zipper part (which I really thought was very cool) is at the bottom of the bag.

snap zipper

I of course put in a pocket on the inside so that I can find my keys easier. All of the fabric came from a closet diving expedition where I visited stash in the deep corners. The flower fabric was an old wrap around skirt that I had made years ago and never liked – one of the ties from that became one of the handles of the bag. The waist, including the darts, was used to make the pocket – easy fullness with minimal sewing. The green lining I love, and just happend to have enough fabric of in one piece, but not enough for both or even one of the straps.


The decorative stitches were added to give another layer of sewing to keep the straps on and to add a bit more interest to the outside of thebag. I don’t have much choice on the fancy stitches, my machine is old and is doing good to have the 18 fancy ones that it has! (I am deeply in love with my machine though and will never trade it in for a newer, fancier model with a blonde paint job and surgically enhanced fancy stitches. Though, I have often thought a serger would be nice…)

I do want to give a bit of credit where credit is due though… I did not come upon this zaney idea all by myself. I think I have been subconsiously converted to bagmaking by U-handblog and by the fine folks at My Recycled Bags and Wardrobe Refashion. Though I have to admit to making other bags prior to this one, just not any from old pants legs. =)

Hubby only thinks that I’m mildly nuts, and hay, while I might be a bit crazy, I think that it is fun to see what can be made with something that would otherwise be in the trash!


2 Responses to “Pants Bag”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Love your bag! It’s an excellent example of recycling and crafting. Don’t worry about your Hubby — mine thinks I’m completely crazy with my recycled bags and all the things I use to make bags. But I keep telling him that I’m having the time of my life. Remember have fun and enjoy!

  2. Pasha Plum Says:

    Nice bag. I love how the pant leg details are used on the bag. I get that same thrill when I re-make something that was trash into a totally useful item.

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