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Groovy Fabric April 19, 2007

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I am not a morning person.

I love the sunrise, the quiet, the stillness… I just hate the early part of it. Hubby makes fun of me as my happy shiny personality growls at him as he pulls back my covers. I am a night owl, reading into the wee hours, enjoying the time that is my own. I get more done after mid-night than I do during the rest of the day (well, I would if I didn’t have to get up early)… I don’t know, perhaps it is due to my procrastination type personality. Maybe it’s genetic, though I can claim grandmothers of both avian species. Regardless, those who have known me for more than a few days know that it could be rather entertaining to try to talk to me before my brain wakes up – at around noon.


So, it comes as a bit of a surprise to my friends that I am an avid garage saler. Oh, I grumble and stumble, but the truth is, I am out the door earlier on a Saturday morning than I am the rest of the week when I have to be at work.


What could possibly entice me out of my slumber into the early dawn? Cool cheap stuff of course. In my dreams, I see a little old lady, moving in with her son… As a result, an estate sale is held to disperse the collection of a life time. As a youth, she had little money so as an adult, she had bought as much fabric as she could. At the time of this fantasy sale, no one else had ventured out into the sleet storm and there in front of me are piles of wonderful fabric, so old and odd that they are suddenly cool…


Oh, wait! That’s what really happened. This sale was great – apparently interesting fabric doesn’t sell at garage or estate sales… and sadly, it is hard to find a sale that has any in the first place. At this particular estate sale, I got all of the fabric (various pictures in today’s post), most around 1 yard or more, along with some trim, old knitting needles, handkerchiefs… all for $6.

banner-1.jpg yellow-circles.jpg

So, this stash will eventually become parts of various projects, some of them tote bags, and who knows what else. The best part? They’re not new, so I’m getting to be crafty and keeping stuff out of the landfill at the same time.

floral-canvas.jpg green-ugly.jpg

The scarey part of all of this is – not so very long ago I would have found most of this fabric … well, ugly. I was a little kid in the 70’s and I remember the polyester grey pants with red kitties on it, wide colar shirts, bell bottoms… and while I still have issues with most of the fashions of that era, some of the fabric I’m seeing in a new light (though the green print stuff above is still a bit much). Must be old age…

nike.jpg asian.jpg

Hubby asked me what I was going to do when I was old and some young thing was pawing through my stash. I told him that I would be very happy for her and I hope that she has a wonderful time!

yellow-and-brown.jpg butterfly.jpg

The best find in all of the sale was this amazing silk blend vintage table cloth! It does have a small stain, and a nearly formed hole (see pictures) but is still in remarkably good shape – and hay, it was only $12.


stain.jpg hole.jpg

In with the $6 pile, I also found this square table cloth, all cotton, also vintage. It has more staining/discoloration but…


I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these table clothes, but I think they will fit in somewhere in a future house. That future house will have to be a tad bigger than where I’m living now for the table to fit into it but… hopefully, in the next few months, I will get to post about that bigger house and the wall or table that a table cloth gets to decorate.


3 Responses to “Groovy Fabric”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I really like the blue tulip fabric and the calendar. Very cool finds.

  2. Pasha Plum Says:

    Argghh! I am so jealous! Very nice finds. I understand that if you soak the stained tablecloths on oxyclean for a while it really helps.
    Oh, also I have my Etsy shop up –check my blog 🙂

  3. Awesome finds. those would also make great pillow covers…or country curtains…


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