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Blipin Beautiful April 24, 2007

Filed under: environment — clothespin @ 1:46 pm

Ads. How much can I personally hate them? I mean, holy hayflowers, they seem to be everywhere these days, in free patterns, recipes and even some blogs. One site that I visit frequently for the free crochet patterns (ya have to visit every day as the pattern is different each day) has so many ads as to be annoying. AND, they print with the pattern! They take up paper, use ink and get in the way of the actual pattern itself. As I print most of my patterns as PDFs (Primo PDF is great and free) and save them to my computer (I mean, how many of these patterns am I really going to make in this lifetime?) the ads get to stay on my computer until it crashes. I think that there are ways of cleaning up PDFs, but that’s beyond me at the moment.

Now, however, there is a FREE extension for Firefox browsers where you can zap the offending portions (be they ads, text, photos… whatever) off of the page before you print it! It’s just a beautiful thing really. The link above will take you to a blog for a guy that knows a bit about web stuff and can walk you through it a bit. Go directly to the extension here….

It’s wonderful, it’s environmentally happy, it is just… Enjoy!


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