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Rick Rack Apron April 30, 2007

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Aprons are funny. Yup, funny. They remind me of a funny time when women were stay at home wives and made jello mold salads while the husband trudged off to work wearing a suit, briefcase and sack lunch in hand. Only one of my grandmothers was a housewife, and she was the wife of a farmer, so he only went as far as the field to work. The other grandmother was a young war widow with a career prior to the war (she was a nurse) who worked in a doctors office her entire adult life. I’m fairly certain that both wore aprons at one point or another, but none fit the funny picture in my head that goes along with the word “apron”.

For those who know me, you know that I am not a housewife kind of girl. Oh, I have my fantasy moments of days full of time to make fun stuff, but then the reality of housework rears its ugly (and dirty) head, and I realize that I am not cut out for the world of domesticity. (And I am very impressed for those who are…)

So, my making this apron was a bit of a laugh at being a wife and a terrible housekeeper all at the same time. Plus, I like the 50s look and found this totally cute fabric and well….



I found a very cute pattern, Butterick See & Sew B4838 that is sold as being a super easy pattern designed for beginners. In fact, they even state in a bright red box on the envelope that “yes! It’s easy”.

Liars. Deceitful manipulative liars. This is not an easy pattern! Thank heavens I have enough sewing practise behind me to be able to figure out the blasted thing….

First, curvy edges are a pain – add rick-rack to sewing these edges together – not fun. At least, not if you want it to look like something you might want to wear. Second, they want the entire outside thing edged in BIAS TAPE! My least favorite thing in the world to use and definitely not an “easy” thing to do well. Then, the entire thing has tons of raw edges all over the back side that will ravel… not a pretty thing.


The next time I make it (and yes, I will make it again because it is so cute) after sewing on the bottom edge, I will make my own pattern for a piece of fabric to cover the entire back – thus eliminating the raw edges and the messy bias tape. Much neater and easier.



Now, being me, I decided that I did not like the top ruffly bit that went with this terrible pattern… so I co-opted a top from Simplicity 3949. Not willing to attach it to the bottom (I want options, baby!) I decided to make this an optional top. Sooo…. I added buttons to the bottom that are used to attach the two pieces!


I really like the results and plan on using this idea again. Like I said, this is a gift for my sister for Christmas but I plan on making another one in different fabric for me. I might be a modern girl – but in the end, aprons have one real purpose – to keep my jeans clean!


6 Responses to “Rick Rack Apron”

  1. Melissa Says:

    The apron turned out really cute.

  2. Deanna Says:

    I love this! You could make the reverse of the top solid and REALLY have a versatile apron! Great job!

  3. Lisa Says:

    I have actually seen this apron and you can not believe how darn adorable it is! Plus the two parts idea was great and worked really well. Either way this is a great gift idea! As somone who does not sew (I know that machine is going to sew my fingers together if I ever get near it!!!) I know that I would never turn down something this cute myself. And those who know me would laugh, as I’m in the kitchen cooking about … well never! My idea of cooking is to go out or order in. Isn’t that what those places were invented for! šŸ™‚

  4. Pasha Plum Says:

    Very cute, I meant to make an apron for the rick rack theme too but then I forgot. I will do the pocket one though. …hmmm, now I am looking and do not see the Tie one on reference–did you do this for the Angry Chicken challenge?

  5. Jane Says:

    Very cute, love the fabric.

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    This apron is really cute and making the top button on as an option is a great idea. I love versatility.

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