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Skirt Bag and Ties May 10, 2007

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A little over a month ago, I lost my mind. I, who takes forever to make a single item, joined a craft swap at Craft Daisies. It sounded like fun in the beginning, but I quickly realized that I had no clue what to include in the swap! Luckily, I was paired with a quirky crafter Elizabeth over at Crafts of Destiny who, like me, is also environmentally minded.

So, I made a list over the course of weeks, gaining ideas from other craft blogs that I read to add to my surprisingly large list of things that I COULD make. The list includes the Altoids box needle holder that I posted about previously, felted potholders, shopping bag, knit dishrag, towel topper (I swear, a tutorial is coming on this!), neck cooler… Well, my crafting ability did reach a little further than my time allowed, but I think that I managed to put together a respectable box. Check out the Crafts of Destiny blog to see all of the things that I included…

skirt-bag.jpg skirt-bag-pocket.jpg

But, the real main project was the recycled skirt tote/shopping bag! I found the skirt at a local thrift store for $1.50 knowing that Elizabeth loves green and recycled things…

So, I matched up the two existing button holes on the skirt, sewed down either side of the holes to make a tube. Then, after undoing the hem of the skirt, sewed along the old hem line to make the bottom. I cut out a lining of estate sale fabric in green, and sewed that together. After placing it inside of the skirt, I marked where the new button hole needed to be and put on on the lining along with a pocket adorned with a bit of an old hanky. I stitched the top of the bag, lining and neckties together, then made a flap with a button on it to keep the two sides together… tucked up the corners on the outside of the bag to give it a bottom, and it’s easy peasy new bag!

OK, not technically hard, but it was time consuming…

I also put in the pocket a couple of reusable produce bags for the grocery store. Elizabeth now has no excuse for using plastic on her loose veggies! These are really fun and easy to make and can be made out of any really light weight material. I just happened to find a bunch of tulle and organza at the estate sale… so made her a couple (in green!) and some for me with some funky fabric that I had in the stash.


I weighed them on my fancy digital scale and compared the weight to that of a plastic produce bag from the grocery store – was twice as much as the plastic, which is still virtually nothing. It adds a few pennies to my bill, but not having to deal with plastic bags is worth it. Plus, my bags are pretty!

Basically, I made a rectangle and then french seamed the edges to keep them from fraying, added a bit up top to run some ribbon through to make a draw string bag and it was done!

monster-blue-tie.jpg monster-red-tie2.jpg

Finally, I am in the midst of writing a tutorial on how to make a bag out of another reclaimed fabric source. More info to come later. But, I was so impressed with my tie handles on the skirt bag, that I went to the thrift store and found a few more. Above are two of my favorites, modeled by my favorite hairy guy!


2 Responses to “Skirt Bag and Ties”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Ha! Yep, no excuse for using plastic for my veggies….I am excited to be all environmentally conscious next time I go to the store.

  2. Jane Says:

    Great idea on the produce bag and that puppy is a doll.

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