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Car May 17, 2007

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When I was a little girl, my mom and grandma and a couple of ladies the age of my grandma would meet two times a month to quilt and talk. They would meet all day at one of the ladies homes, eat lunch together and talk. The old men would also come along (except my dad, who wasn’t “old”) and play cards all day. In the afternoon, they would each have one beer with the cards.

This was during the early ’80’s and I remember one time when grandpa sent me down to the basement to bring the beer up. The can was white and said “beer” and had a UPC code on it. Nothing else. That was the brand, white generic beer. Remember that brand? They made everything, “cheese” and “bread” and “flour”…. and was the cheap stuff in the store. So grandpa and the other old men drank “beer” that afternoon and for some reason, I remembered – and it still seems funny to me now.

So, this fall, my father in law purchased a new Scion xB car. I love Scions, have an xA myself, but I do prefer cars in colors other than white. My in laws always buy white vehicles. Every time. Hello – boring! Don’t know why, they say something about the heat in Texas… to me, it’s too hot inside a car in August in Texas no matter what the color, but I digress…

One morning in the shower, I was ruminating on this silly white car thing when it hit me – it is a “generic” car. Simple box, wheels, motor and white. What was it missing? A UPC code of course! As it was before Christmas, and I needed a gift for my father in law, I quickly presented the idea to hubby – who also thought it a great gift.



Making one of these is easy and perfect for anyone you know who has no personality when it comes to car color choices.

The most important thing to do is to make the UPC code. There is a free generator here that you merely have to punch in the numbers that you want (say maybe your birthday or lucky number), pick the type of UPC code that you like and hit generate. “EAN/JAN-13” makes a code similar to that in my picture. There are other generators out there, but this was the easiest one that I have found so far. Hubby made our code, so I’m not sure where he got it from…

Now, follow the directions on the site to save the image. Import it into photoshop to re-size it to the size that you need, we made it 8×11 inches. Laminate the code, making sure to leave some laminate all around the edges to protect it from the weather.

Finally, stick this to the back of a sheet of adhesive magnetic sheeting. There are products like this available at most big box stores and craft stores.



To make the “car” or “box” labels, simply go into a word processing program and make it there, print, laminate and stick to magnetic sheeting.

Ideally, FIL would only use the “car” OR the “box” label and not both at the same time. Hay, it’s his car, so he can do what he wants to do! And, I know that he likes it and even gets comments on the magnets from people in town. Enjoy!

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