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Craft Area May 30, 2007

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Unlike some bloggers that I read, my craft area is not pretty.  It’s not cute, tidy, orderly, spacious or inspiring or colorful.

What it is is tiny, messy, completely disorganized (despite my love affair with Rubbermaid) and white.

The picture below is my craft space.  It is next to my bed, which is under a north facing window, which does provide some light and breeze.  My ironing board (one of the half sized ones) sits on a trunk full of blankets, the sewing notions reside in the 3 drawers of the 5 drawer chest that we glued together after finding it on the side of the road.  My sewing machine sits on an old sewing table from hubby’s family.  My stash of fabric and yarns live in plastic containers under the bed or in the closet – they are at least generally contained.



 I am LUCKY to have this space.  I am.  My entire house is about 500 square feet, so the ability to carve out any space at all for this was amazing.   I do wish that I could organize it better – but that would probably require a lot of work and energy and…. and I am getting better.

I started a new project recently.  I am cutting strips to make a quilt along the lines of the one at happy things.  I’m using fabric from my craft exchange that I was in recently that I found so totally fun, but didn’t know the fiber content of it at all… So, decided that this was the perfect project to go stash diving for the fun random fabric that I didn’t buy at a quilt store.  Some of the fabric was from Freecycle a few years back, some leftover from other projects and some may have even come from mom.



 I’m cutting the strips into 2 inch pieces and the leftover edges are being cut into 1 1/4 inch pieces to make into 2 inch pieces to add to the quilt.  Why not?  So, now I have a pile of strips and I’m still cutting.  I don’t know how much I need and I’m not even sure how big this quilt will be.  Right now, I’m just enjoying the process.  I put my rotary cutting mat on top of my cardboard cutting board on top of the bed (I’m really tall and the bed is up on cinder blocks, to accommodate the Rubbermaids) and cut away…

I was thinking of why I am making this super easy quilt now, when I have so many more challenging and difficult projects that I really want to do, just waiting in the wings?  Then, it dawned on me, I’m stressed out.  After the fun of rejection for hubby last week, another job interview, the stress of waiting for “the phone call” from the interview…  I need something fun and easy and fast so that something pretty is going on in my life.  I at least have control over the fabric, maybe not where I’m cutting the fabric at or in which state, but I can sew the strips into something pretty and useful.  Men have drills, I have a rotary cutter!



Of course, all of this would not happen without my wonderful sewing machine.  It’s a Bernina 830 and is about 30 years old.  Mom got it for $50 from a lady and then paid another $100 to have it fixed.  It is wonderful.  Hubby laughs when I talk of how much I love this machine, but I truly do.  It makes me happy.  It works, never argues with the fabric and will last me until the next century.  I’m contemplating buying a walking foot for the machine so that I can machine quilt smaller projects – still trying to convince myself that a $100+ tiny bit of metal is worth it…



While on the Bernina website, lusting after the foot, I found this game.  Even the non-sewers in the crowd can sew with this site!  I’m terrible at the game, but it’s fun to try.  Have fun!


One Response to “Craft Area”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow, it’s so cool to see some of my old fabric cut into these neat, pretty strips that are hanging out with other neat, pretty strips of fabric that I’ve never met. My old fabric moved and got new fabric friends and it’s gonna get to live in a beautiful quilt. That’s so exciting.

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