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Home Sweet Home Alabama June 8, 2007

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I have a small confession to make. I do not love Texas. I know, it is a shock to many of you, but it is true.

I have found love and loved others in Texas, married in Texas and love my in-laws who will forever reside in Texas. I love many parts of Texas, but I am not in love with Texas. It’s a love worthy state, but doesn’t quite fit who I am or who I want to become.

To many Texans, this is blasphemy – and I think it is hard for a person who does love something to understand those of us who only tolerate the same thing. Many people that I’ve met while living here have never left the state. Admittedly, it is a very large state and is diverse in its landscape and people to where one might think that all they truly need or want resides within its borders. But still, to me, it is hard to definitively state true love if one has nothing to compare it to.


My sister once felt this way about a small cow town she used to live in right out of college. It was a nice town, she had a good job, it was close to family – why leave? After a while of bugging her, I told her that if she moved away to a new state, any state, for at least a year, and after that year could honestly say that she loved the cow town enough to move back, then I would believe her. It’s been seven years in the mountains and she will never go back to the cow town.

Ultimately, everyone has a place where they “fit” – that matches their personality and lifestyle. Some are lucky enough to be born in the place that is right for them, while there are those of us who must wander a while to other areas to find the right match. I think it is a bit like dating – there are many nice guys out there, but the girl has to find the “right” nice guy for her. I’m still looking for the right nice state….

So, I am once again taking my own medicine and leaving the state that I’ve called home for so many years. After the ginormous disappointment of not getting the job a couple of weeks ago, hubby was offered a different job last week. We are so excited! It is a good job and fits with our ethics and standards and is in the field that he loves. Our new home will be in Alabama and for hubby, other than his time spent in the military, will be the first time he’s ever lived out of the state of Texas.


Alabama is a good compromise for us, though in reality, his new company picked the location and we had no input on the decision. Still, Alabama is good in that it has topography and trees and hiking for me, occasional bits of snow (oh how I miss the seasons!) but not so much snow for hubby that he is miserable. It’s not a place that I’d ever considered moving to before (… the great dreams of Colorado and Maine!) but I think that it will be a place that I am happy in.

Hopefully, Alabama will be a state that I “fit” in. That it will be the “right” nice state and that we’ll get to be there for a while. It is a risk, but with great risk comes great rewards. Who knows, maybe Alabama has been the state of my dreams all along.


One Response to “Home Sweet Home Alabama”

  1. Hey lady,

    I love your blog and your great information and pics. We will really miss you here in BCS. Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful life and hope he enjoys his new job…Write when you can and I will keep checking your blog…GOOD LUCK…YOU ARE A WONDERFUL FRIEND!! Rowena

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