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Farm House June 20, 2007

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So, the most wonderful and amazing friend that I haven’t yet met, who lives in Auburn AL, sent me pictures of my new house!  The most I had been able to see prior to this morning were pictures off of Google Earth…

house picture from google earth

Ms. Julie sent real pictures, and did it without my even asking.  She has to win the award for person going above and beyond the call of duty for a complete stranger…

It’s a farm house, about 6 miles away from town, and it is MUCH bigger than the house that I currently live in.  I don’t know how much bigger, but it is bigger.  (It is possible, though difficult, to find a house smaller than my current house, though not one with 3 bedrooms.)


I am excited!   I can feel myself stretching out into all of the wondrous SPACE!  I can be alone in a room and still have the hubby be in the house at the same time!  More importantly, the litter box will not be in the bedroom and we will have laundry machines!  Hmm… wonder where I’m going to put the clothesline?


We will have to build a dog fence still, and who knows where that will go, hopefully including one of the trees near the barn but also connected to the house some way.


Now, at least, I am able to dream more accurately about my future, which is  a mere 9 days away…  I will stay positive and happy about this all… even while I miss all of you here…  But, think of it this way, now I have enough space for a sleepover with my Texas friends!


3 Responses to “Farm House”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Sign me up to come and relax in this really cool farm house! After all, growing up on a farm, I would love to relax and do craft things with you. ‘Cause you know that moving doesn’t mean you will get rid of me buddy! 😉

    Really, it looks neat! I can’t wait to meet this new friend of yours!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Looks like an excellent house and yard with mucho gardening possibilities! Good luck and many blessings on your new home!

  3. Hey I love the farm house…you will have great time….how awesome. I forgot to come to the group knit in. Sorry about that. I will miss seeing you but hopefully see what is going on on your site. Take Care….have fun moving. LOVE THE FARM HOUSE…


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