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Shirt Bag Teaser June 20, 2007

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original shirt


Turn this great shirt into…



shirt bag




SO – This is my most recent creative venture – my shirt bag. Made out of entirely recycled materials, all purchased at either garage sales or thrift stores, for a total price of maybe $4, this bag is a fun weekend project! It does require a few sewing skills and is a bit time consuming in its construction, but is loads of fun in the end!


As a functional piece of found object art, it makes the best use of easily had materials. And, most importantly, using found items like old clothes is an environmentally smart thing to do. Check out this link where there was a study done to show just how much energy is saved in the manufacturing and delivery of new verses used clothes! Just amazing! So, not only are used clothes cheaper to buy, but they’re lower on the energy food chain, too. Not to mention, garage sale clothes shopping can be loads of fun – I have many Gap shirts that I’ve bought for a $1 at sales… beats spending my pennies at the mall!


While out and about in the crafty world in my current town, a few local crafsters have approached me about this bag. They want the pattern! Who’d a guessed? Most recently, at our local stitchy club meeting last night, a random lady asked me if I’d made this bag and if there were directions to it. I originally thought that my friends had put you up to this, but now know that you are just that cool as to ask me all on your own!


So, yes, directions/tutorial are in the works, hopefully next week. (And, if you who asked about the bag at the stitchy club are reading this, and want to join our local stitchy group, please send me an email…) After the packing is over and I am stuck in an empty house with nary a piece of fabric to stitch, I will post the tutorial. Stay tuned!





One Response to “Shirt Bag Teaser”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Cute! I like the way you “tied in” the tie! I use my tie bag you made me all the time, and to go to my herbalism class, where I have to bring all kinds of stuff like a sunhat and a blanket and my lunch.

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