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Lavender Friends June 25, 2007

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lavendar from my garden



Lavender is one of my favorite easy plants to grow. This particular plant is about 3 years old and has survived my complete lack of attention to it – perhaps why it is so happy. In the spring and summer, it makes so many flower spikes that smell so yummy! The bees are buzzing around, dragonflies and damselflies visit – it’s nice to just go stand and watch the activity while soaking up the scent.


Sadly, this is a plant that is not making the move with us. It will stay in my garden here and I hope that whomever lives in this little house next will appreciate my purple friend. In the mean time, I hope to make a few mementos of my garden by making lavender wands. They should make the car smell wonderful during the 14 hour drive to Alabama. Hopefully, lavender grows in Alabama too…


local sewing club ladies


Recently, my friends and I met for one of our stitchy knit/crochet meetings at our local hangout. These are good friends that I met through the group (for the most-part) and whom I have been hanging out with for several years now. They have been with me through many tough times and many happy times and I will miss them when I leave. Like my lavender, this group of people I can’t take with me, though I can take the pictures and yarn and memories… And, I will hopefully find a new group of ladies who have an addiction to yarn and a love of life and beer.


What will I miss about this place I have called home? My lavender and my friends, among other things. Both of which I can find new ones of in my new town – neither of which I can replace.


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