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Bedside Table August 16, 2007

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My new house is so much bigger than the last house! I thought that I had enough furniture, but with all of this space, it’s kinda looking a bit empty. And, I realized that I really need a bedside table to put a lamp on and a place to stash the glasses. So, I was at this thrift store mall area in a nearby town and next door to it is a Salvation Army thrift store. The stuff in it isn’t as pretty as other thrift stores, but it is also generally a lot cheaper. So, I found this great old school desk for $5! Cleaned it up a bit and I think that it looks pretty cute next to the bed.


Of course, Delilah was wanting to pose for pictures when I was taking the picture above, and considering that she is a thrifted/recycled dog, she had to be included, too.


I’ve also posted these pictures on Flickr for Thrift Thursday and hope to post more of my garage sale and thrift store finds as the weeks go by…


2 Responses to “Bedside Table”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Man, envy is what comes to mind. You ALWAYS find such cool stuff at great prices. I have a hard time doing that… ‘course if I didn’t work so much maybe I’d have time to look.

    Love the lamp and your “table”

  2. Angie Says:

    I have an old desk as an end table in our living room. i found it in a barn, on some land that my dad bought years ago. I have thought about getting rid of it several times… but i keep my phone books in the bottom of it… and if i got rid of it I would have to find a place for my phone books and maps. =)

    i love it now, and will probably keep it forever.

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