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Spotted Dog Bed August 18, 2007

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Delilah needed a bed for her crate. Every dog needs their own bed, so I decided to make hers multi-purpose. Plus, it needed to be girly enough for my first girl dog, kinda match who she is and be very functional. Dog beds in stores are expensive and in my experience, not very well made, so I opted for a not so quick but easy homemade version.


For the materials for the bed, I went thrift store shopping and found a blue bedspread in a nice heavy cotton blend for $1.50. Also at the store was an old comforter that had definitely seen better days, also $1.50. And, last weekend at a garage sale, a lady was parting with some fabric and I got four fat quarters of complimentary fabric for $1. So, for $4.00 I had the makings of a personalized doggie bed that didn’t require any new materials!


I started by measuring the crate and then adding an inch to the length and width for the seam allowances. Then, using the bedspread, I cut out one piece of that size and two others the same width and 3/4 of the length making sure to include the already finished edge for one short side. I calculated the distance around the edges and cut strips 6 inches wide to total that length (that’s the width of the rotary cutting ruler =). Then, I went to my kitchen and gathered random round objects of different sizes and traced those on the 4 fat quarters. A bit Wonder Under and then I cut them out and ironed them on to the largest part in a random pattern (and a couple along the edge covered up a tiny hole in the fabric that I didn’t notice until after I’d cut it out).


After sewing over the edges of the circles, I matched up the 3/4 length pieces, with the finished edges in the middle, to be the same size as the big piece so as to make an envelope pillow (basic intructions here, but in dog beds, I’ve found that the bigger the overlap of the edges, the less likely it is to gap open, so if you’re planning on making one, be sure to go with the 3/4 length) and then sewed the 6 inch strips around the edge. I repeated with the top with the circles. Flipped it inside out and I had a great dog bed cover!

Inside, I placed the folded up comforter to act as the stuffing. Everything is removable when it needs to be, easily washable, cheap and totally recycled. Plus, I think it’s fairly nice looking. After we get past the need for the crate (trust is an earned thing, especially for a dog who tends to want to chew on a few things) the bed will still look nice in a corner in the living room.


Home is where your bed is – and Delilah has her bed here with us.


3 Responses to “Spotted Dog Bed”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Looks great! Gee, my dogs could use some for Christmas…hint hint. šŸ™‚

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that your poor doggie is so ill. You made her a great dog bed. This is beautiful.

    Your kitchen is fabulous. I’m happy to see you enjoying your new house, and send my best wishes to you about your dog pulling through.

  3. Colleen Okey Says:

    our dog beds are made up of very soft materials like viny foam. `

    <a href="My own blog

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