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It is better to have loved and lost… August 21, 2007

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than to never have loved at all.

I’m not entirely sure that I buy that. It sounds to me like a platitude told to the people who are suffering a great loss in a vain attempt at making them feel better. Basically, I think that it is crap. The reality is that it is better to have loved and been able to love many years and have your love grow old and pass away after a long and happy life rather than catch some stupid disease and die the first month that you knew her.

It isn’t confirmed, but Delilah probably has distemper. Only 50% of dogs infected with the disease live… and we are early in the game right now. She is feeling better right now, the fever is under control though the vomiting is not… She was on an IV antibiotic this afternoon, got fluids and nutritional support. The vet wanted to leave her at the clinic over night – but she would be all alone, and I couldn’t do that. How horrible would it be for her to have something happen, problems breathing or seizures and have no one there to comfort her. She doesn’t know me well yet, but at least she knows me and maybe loves me. I know that I love her.

Maybe I”m putting Monster at risk but after how many days together, isn’t he already exposed? Hopefully his vaccinations work, I’ve checked the records and he’s had all of the shots that cover this… hopefully this futile attempt at love won’t endanger the other love of my life. I don’t know. I’m keeping them separated but apparently the virus persists on clothes and floors and in the air… how do I sanitize the entire house? What if I’ve killed Monster, too?  But isn’t it too late?  Isn’t the virus already in the house?  I could go on a cleaning frenzy with the little bit of energy that I have left and would it do any good?  Or would it only make me feel better?

Please keep us in your thoughts… and please vaccinate your dog and love on them while you can.   And, thank you for all of the support… hopefully we’ll make it through …


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