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Sick Little Girl August 21, 2007

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So, Delilah is REALLY sick. She came from the shelter with a cough/vomiting phlegm stuff but it had gotten better over the weekend. She was perky and growling at everyone and starting to act like what might be her normal self.

So, Sunday morning, we took her on a short walk with Monster at the local park. I thought she was just tired and really out of shape… Sunday night, I had to hand feed her dry food. Monday morning, she would only eat a little bit of canned ID dog food…

The lethargy became really bad and she no longer followed me from room to room. So, I called the vet that had spayed her and we went in at 5 yesterday. The vet is nice enough but I have some serious concerns about her competency. They never took her temperature for one. She’s sick and may have Kennel Cough and no one thinks to take a temperature? They did blood work to make sure that she didn’t have an infection and sure enough, her white blood counts were well within normal range. The vet did decide to listen to her heart and lungs before leaving, and after a 10 minute conversation with me… Delilah’s lungs were full and she was having a hard time breathing in and out. Still, the vet wanted to wait until this morning for x-rays and then think about putting her on some sort of antibiotics. She kept saying that it is probably something chronic but never thinking that perhaps it is advanced stage kennel cough? Especially with the green/yellow oock coming out of her nose and eyes?

With her condition worsening at home, we finally managed to find the thermometer. Normal dog temp is 101-102.5… and hers was 107.2. We didn’t know what to do. By this point, I was crying and really upset… I called the local vet school and the lady on the phone said that her fever was “scarey high” – but no indication if it was critical or just serious. After some serious thought, we decided that we would try to control the fever on our own for a few hours first – the vet school would be there all night if we were unsuccessful. Plus, aside from an IV, we thought that we could provide nearly everything on our own…

We gave her some guaifenesin (the recommendation of the lousy vet after my pleading for something to help) for her lungs, which did seem to help, some aspirin for the fever and lots of gallon plastic bags of ice all over her body. I was up all night, taking her temperature every hour and writing it all down. Replacing the ice bags on her body periodically… I gave her droppers full of water and some high calorie goo that PetCo sells for convalescing dogs.

Her temperature slowly came down through the night and a couple of hours into it, dropped below 107. Right now, we’re hovering around 104 so while still very sick, I don’t think that the fever isn’t life threatening. She has to be carried out to the yard to potty and then she was only able to stand long enough to pee. That she’s peeing at all is a good sign – I keep squirting the water into her mouth. I’m waiting for the vet office to open so that I can get her in this morning. We will be using a different vet this time, one who hopefully got her degree at a vet school and not a cracker jack box. This vet was recommended by a local friend… I only hope that they will work us in. If not, off to the vet school we go…

I will post more as we know more, but for now she is OK. The joys of adopting a shelter dog… while she is very very ill at this point she is also very lucky – I hope.


One Response to “Sick Little Girl”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Please, keep us informed. I’m talking to St. Francis now… you know I am worried. Lisa

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