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Too Short a Time August 26, 2007

Filed under: Family & Critters — clothespin @ 10:41 am

It truly was too short a time that we got to know and love our little Delilah girl. Though she had been improving and even more energetic and alert than in the days before, things did not work out as hoped. I sat with her all evening as we gave her the IV drip, fed her, loved her.   In the afternoon, she’d had a terrible coughing fit, bringing up a lot of goo from the pneumonia in her lungs.  It weakened her terribly and while concerned we didn’t know what to do about it.  After an accident on the couch and continued potty break out side, she came trotting into the house, full of energy. She went straight to her crate and then vomited the meal that she’d eaten hours ago… at that point she was unconscious. Hubby lifted her out and put her on the couch, trying to help her, where she died. Thankfully, we had the pink juice and administered it to her to help with the final stages of death.   The vet thought that she’d thrown a clot from her lungs and died from that… It was horrible and sad and we are devastated. We will bury her in the morning and hopefully she will find more peace in death than she did in life. At least at the end, she knew that we loved her, that we fought hard to keep her and that we were with her through to the end. It is all anyone can ask, I suppose, when that time comes.

While two weeks is a short time, it seems that it is enough time to fall in love.

We love you Miss D and we will always remember you.


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