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Oh Beautiful September 5, 2007

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My friend Monique is a fun, quirky lady. She wrote the following poem this summer, after her crazy sister started the first couple of lines for her… Sing it to the “America the Beautiful” tune… Now, I wonder what kind of snack I have in the kitchen? Enjoy!

Oh Beautiful for Dessert

by Monique Reed


Oh, beautiful for spice-ous pies
For amber waves of crust
For purple berry filling ooze
And cool whip is a must!
All hail, Dessert, all hail, Dessert!
God shed his grace on thee!
This lesson teach: a piece of each,
Bedamned to “sugar free!”



Oh, beautiful for layer cake
Or Bundt or pound or cup
And angel food is always good
Just watch me eat it up!
All hail, Dessert, all hail, Dessert!
Don’t have to ask me twice
You keep your greens and lima beans–
I’ll have another slice


Oh, beautiful for puddings sweet
Of chocolate, bread, or rice
With cream or fruit, sprinkles to boot
And butterscotch is nice!
All hail, Dessert, all hail, Dessert!
Enjoyed with fork or spoon
Each scrumptious taste hangs round my waist
Oh, let dessert be soon!


Oh, beautiful for ice cream’s glide,
Sorbet’s refreshing grace
In summer’s heat, they’re light and sweet
Oh, watch me stuff my face!
All hail, Dessert, all hail, Dessert!
Where are my scoop and bowl?
No chocolate sauce? Oh, what a loss!
Dessert delights my soul!



Oh, beautiful for cookies round
Or square or cut or dropped
Crispy or soft, meringue’s sweet loft
With nuts or frosting topped
All hail, Dessert, all hail, Dessert!
A cookie is just right
Can’t eat just one–A dozen’s fun
Why are my pants so tight?



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