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License Tag Bird Feeder February 26, 2008

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Hubby had a birthday recently. Being a born and raised Texan, I knew that he missed home a lot… And, as we had to get Alabama license tags for both of our vehicles, we had 4 Texas tags hanging out in the porch.

I had seen license tags on bird feeders before and decided that as part of his gift, I would try to make him one. Armed with a tag in hand, I marched off to a local big box home fix it store to see if a pre-made feeder would accommodate my tag. Happily, Lowes had one on the shelf, and for less than $10! This Cedar Bird Feeder has a roof that is the exact same width as my tag is… While wandering the store after finding the feeder, I stumbled upon two small wooden stars – like the Texas star – over by the screened door section of the store. I can’t seem to find them on line, but I’m sure that Hobby Lobby or other craft stores would have similar items.


So, I painted my stars red with indoor/outdoor paint and used Gorilla Glue and some clamps to attach them to the ends of the feeder. I put some waxed paper and then some folded paper towels between the painted surface and the clamp just to keep the paint looking nice. After those had dried for a day, I put more Gorilla Glue on the roof and clamped those down to dry for another day. One bit of caution – Gorilla Glue expands, so try to stay away from the bolt holes on the tag otherwise the glue might ooze out!

Texas Bird Feeder

The end product is cute and easy and total costs were less than $15. Part of a fun birthday package… Now, to put it to use in our new tree!


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