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Crafty or Recycling? August 15, 2008

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Occasionally, I get emails from pals with pictures of craziness attatched.  Usually, I laugh and then delete the email.  However, a  friend sent this picture to me today and well… it just had to go on my crafty blog!  The email says that the woman was seen wearing this outside of a Walmart in Alabama… Now, I live in Alabama and while there is a certain degree of redneckedness here, I’ve never seen anyone go this far.  I dunno, maybe I live in the upscale redneck land?

Recycling gone Wrong

And, I’m all for recycling, don’t get me wrong, but seriously, there HAS to be other sources of fabric to make a top out of.  I mean, it’s one thing to wear one’s underoos on one’s head when you’re 5 years old, but this lady is clearly older than that and these are not underoos!  My only thought is that the garment previously belonged to someone that she is dating or married to… the thought of those belonging to a stranger…ick!  Or, even more wrong, someone BUYING NEW to make these.  The only good thing… at least this person was wearing a top at all…


Rosie’s Room August 4, 2008

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So, first, my appoligies for being gone for so long.  Babies tend to eat time.  We’re napping right now and really, aren’t naps the greatest thing ever?

Little Rosie was born mid-May via c-section.  Not exactly what we had planned, but the end result of a healthy baby and I was the main goal so…  As a result of the section, Rosie’s cord blood wasn’t saved (I had been warned that often they don’t have time during the surgery to do it), so while sad, again, we’re both healthy.

A comment was posted asking what I had made for Rosie’s room?  Nearly everything.  The room originally was a dark blue, not terrible, but too dark for a baby room.  The first thing I did was to paint it in a lighter shade.  This paint happens to be the no VOC paint that you can get at Home Depot.  I really really liked the paint!  It had the faintest of odors and was so nice to use.  Coated well and I didn’t need to wear a respirator to use it.

After that and once we had moved into the house, well… I got crafty.  I made the curtain valances to match the dust ruffle on the crib.

The lamp shade also is with the same fabric as are the little hearts on the wall shelf.  The shelf was originally in the house and so UGLY it was nuts… but some paint and fabric and now it’s a great place to stick all of the little things that babies tend to gather.

The shelf before I painted it…

Lamp was given to me by a friend… I then made a new shade to match Rosie’s room.

This was a clearance sale clock from Ross Dress For less… it was REALLY ugly to start.  I painted it to go with Rosie’s room.

Nearly everything in her room is either thrift store, garage sale, given to us, recycled, really cheap on sale (flowers on the walls) or made by me… The only new things are the rocking chair, made by a local craftsman, and the crib sheets that were made by my mom.  It was definitely fun putting the room together… I just hope that once she has an opinion, she actually likes it!