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Apple Pudding October 10, 2008

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I have already written about this great recipe on this blog, but as it is turning cool here in Alabama, my thoughts again turn to this yummy and easy dessert. I was especially thinking about it after reading about apple recipes over at the blog Life as Mom – and her call for apple recipes. I hope that you enjoy the recipe!


It is better to have loved and lost… August 21, 2007

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than to never have loved at all.

I’m not entirely sure that I buy that. It sounds to me like a platitude told to the people who are suffering a great loss in a vain attempt at making them feel better. Basically, I think that it is crap. The reality is that it is better to have loved and been able to love many years and have your love grow old and pass away after a long and happy life rather than catch some stupid disease and die the first month that you knew her.

It isn’t confirmed, but Delilah probably has distemper. Only 50% of dogs infected with the disease live… and we are early in the game right now. She is feeling better right now, the fever is under control though the vomiting is not… She was on an IV antibiotic this afternoon, got fluids and nutritional support. The vet wanted to leave her at the clinic over night – but she would be all alone, and I couldn’t do that. How horrible would it be for her to have something happen, problems breathing or seizures and have no one there to comfort her. She doesn’t know me well yet, but at least she knows me and maybe loves me. I know that I love her.

Maybe I”m putting Monster at risk but after how many days together, isn’t he already exposed? Hopefully his vaccinations work, I’ve checked the records and he’s had all of the shots that cover this… hopefully this futile attempt at love won’t endanger the other love of my life. I don’t know. I’m keeping them separated but apparently the virus persists on clothes and floors and in the air… how do I sanitize the entire house? What if I’ve killed Monster, too?  But isn’t it too late?  Isn’t the virus already in the house?  I could go on a cleaning frenzy with the little bit of energy that I have left and would it do any good?  Or would it only make me feel better?

Please keep us in your thoughts… and please vaccinate your dog and love on them while you can.   And, thank you for all of the support… hopefully we’ll make it through …


Lavender Friends June 25, 2007

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lavendar from my garden



Lavender is one of my favorite easy plants to grow. This particular plant is about 3 years old and has survived my complete lack of attention to it – perhaps why it is so happy. In the spring and summer, it makes so many flower spikes that smell so yummy! The bees are buzzing around, dragonflies and damselflies visit – it’s nice to just go stand and watch the activity while soaking up the scent.


Sadly, this is a plant that is not making the move with us. It will stay in my garden here and I hope that whomever lives in this little house next will appreciate my purple friend. In the mean time, I hope to make a few mementos of my garden by making lavender wands. They should make the car smell wonderful during the 14 hour drive to Alabama. Hopefully, lavender grows in Alabama too…


local sewing club ladies


Recently, my friends and I met for one of our stitchy knit/crochet meetings at our local hangout. These are good friends that I met through the group (for the most-part) and whom I have been hanging out with for several years now. They have been with me through many tough times and many happy times and I will miss them when I leave. Like my lavender, this group of people I can’t take with me, though I can take the pictures and yarn and memories… And, I will hopefully find a new group of ladies who have an addiction to yarn and a love of life and beer.


What will I miss about this place I have called home? My lavender and my friends, among other things. Both of which I can find new ones of in my new town – neither of which I can replace.


Craft Area May 30, 2007

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Unlike some bloggers that I read, my craft area is not pretty.  It’s not cute, tidy, orderly, spacious or inspiring or colorful.

What it is is tiny, messy, completely disorganized (despite my love affair with Rubbermaid) and white.

The picture below is my craft space.  It is next to my bed, which is under a north facing window, which does provide some light and breeze.  My ironing board (one of the half sized ones) sits on a trunk full of blankets, the sewing notions reside in the 3 drawers of the 5 drawer chest that we glued together after finding it on the side of the road.  My sewing machine sits on an old sewing table from hubby’s family.  My stash of fabric and yarns live in plastic containers under the bed or in the closet – they are at least generally contained.



 I am LUCKY to have this space.  I am.  My entire house is about 500 square feet, so the ability to carve out any space at all for this was amazing.   I do wish that I could organize it better – but that would probably require a lot of work and energy and…. and I am getting better.

I started a new project recently.  I am cutting strips to make a quilt along the lines of the one at happy things.  I’m using fabric from my craft exchange that I was in recently that I found so totally fun, but didn’t know the fiber content of it at all… So, decided that this was the perfect project to go stash diving for the fun random fabric that I didn’t buy at a quilt store.  Some of the fabric was from Freecycle a few years back, some leftover from other projects and some may have even come from mom.



 I’m cutting the strips into 2 inch pieces and the leftover edges are being cut into 1 1/4 inch pieces to make into 2 inch pieces to add to the quilt.  Why not?  So, now I have a pile of strips and I’m still cutting.  I don’t know how much I need and I’m not even sure how big this quilt will be.  Right now, I’m just enjoying the process.  I put my rotary cutting mat on top of my cardboard cutting board on top of the bed (I’m really tall and the bed is up on cinder blocks, to accommodate the Rubbermaids) and cut away…

I was thinking of why I am making this super easy quilt now, when I have so many more challenging and difficult projects that I really want to do, just waiting in the wings?  Then, it dawned on me, I’m stressed out.  After the fun of rejection for hubby last week, another job interview, the stress of waiting for “the phone call” from the interview…  I need something fun and easy and fast so that something pretty is going on in my life.  I at least have control over the fabric, maybe not where I’m cutting the fabric at or in which state, but I can sew the strips into something pretty and useful.  Men have drills, I have a rotary cutter!



Of course, all of this would not happen without my wonderful sewing machine.  It’s a Bernina 830 and is about 30 years old.  Mom got it for $50 from a lady and then paid another $100 to have it fixed.  It is wonderful.  Hubby laughs when I talk of how much I love this machine, but I truly do.  It makes me happy.  It works, never argues with the fabric and will last me until the next century.  I’m contemplating buying a walking foot for the machine so that I can machine quilt smaller projects – still trying to convince myself that a $100+ tiny bit of metal is worth it…



While on the Bernina website, lusting after the foot, I found this game.  Even the non-sewers in the crowd can sew with this site!  I’m terrible at the game, but it’s fun to try.  Have fun!


Peace – Man May 16, 2007

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Peace, man.




 Oh yeah, this bag is so completely me!  And, it is something that I would have never made for myself, but completly love.  Fun bright floral fabric for a pocket, denmin with embroidery, the coolest dirt button ever… Elizabeth really did well over at Crafts of Destiny.  I can tell that this bag took so much time to make, and the thing I like most is how she made it so differently than I would have, but how it turned out so great.  I may have to use some of her techniques on future bags of my own, and will definitly have to think about embroidery on future projects.



She also included tons of great stuff.  All of this fabric is so fun!  And, I of course immediately thought of using it to make a quilt like over at Happy Things.  Easy and fun and won’t require alot of mental energy.  I may have to fussy cut some of the prints to center the pictures and add to it, but I definitly think I’ll use the basic idea with some/all of this fabric.


And, I love buttons and trim and how did she know that my nephews room is done up in a John Deer theme?  I see a birthday pillow with those buttons on it!  (I hope that 3 year old boys like pillows…)

bag-stuff-1.jpg    bag-stuff-2.jpg


 Also, those books, especially the furniture book, is so great!  I’m hopefully moving once the man of the house gets word on his hopeful job… and haystacks know that I will need good cheap furniture ideas.

So much fun, so many neat things… Thanks so much Elizabeth!